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Aromatherapy is a modern name for the ancient knowledge of healing and improving health using fragrant, natural ingredients. These ingredients, called essential oils are found in herbs, plants, flowers, fruits and the bark, roots or resin of some trees.
Stress Management
The aim of any stress management programme is to provide practical professional help, advice and support, to help you to talk about it, understand what stress is. You will learn how it affects you, physically, mentally and emotionally and with the support of the therapist gain the knowledge and tools to help you achieve personal growth and a calmer place in life.
Head massage
One treatment that is guaranteed to lift you out of the stresses of daily life and provide you with a real cure for those aching, tense, neck and shoulder muscles, is the ancient art of Indian Head Massage. Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.
Sports massage
A Sports massage is a specific form of massage that can be used pre and post sporting activity. The overall aim of a Sports Massage must always be to enhance performance at whatever level the sports person has reached. It helps to reduce muscular tension, increase flexibility and promotes tissue healing and repair.

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The word holistic refers to the whole person and denotes the intricate connections between body, mind and spirit. These three aspects of ourselves are constant reminders of our precious and yet extraordinary nature. In this busy and stressful world it is all too easy to focus on the problems of the world around us and forget to look after ourselves.

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